Cag One Spinner Dressing System

Cag One Spinner Dressing SustemThis is just a short clip showcasing the worlds first automated skate sharpener utilizing the Spinner Dressing System combined with our self centering skate holder. Although many people are already aware of the amazing Cag Speed automated sharpening system we have introduced an incredible option.

The Cag Speed Sharpener with spinner technology now represents the most aaccurate,  easiest, cleanest and most portable commercial sharpening system in the industry.

Anyone can operate this machine and give their customers a superb sharpening whether it be on Hockey,Figure or Goal skates. No more dressing the grinding wheel with a conventional diamond. Simply press the dressing button and push the handle on the side of the unit down so that the wheel touches the spinner. Thats it! Now you have a perfectly dressed wheel at any hollow depth you desire. Spinners come in all hollow depths such as 1/2",3/4" 1" etc. It takes only seconds to replace if a customer needs a different sharpness. And becauce the spinner is inside the cabinet wear a strong vacuum suction is created there is almost virtually no dust debris when dressing the wheel. This dressing system combined with our self centering skate holder makes sharpening skates as easy as pressing a button.No more human error with superbly consistent results. Contact us for more information or if you would like to convert your exsisting Speed unit to the new spinner system. Be ready for the upcoming season and give your customers the absolute best sharpening regardless of the machines operator!

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